RADIO S&SR Transmission n°1271 – 09.01.2023 (BEST OF (x30) >> SELECTION 2022)

25 janvier 2023 - 112 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES (Radio Transmission)
Playlist N° 1271...
Lundi 09 Janvier 2022 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00
[ S&SR Music Non-Stop... BEST OF SELECTION 2022 ]
 < Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >
01. AMORPHOUS "Blackhole" DIG Album : Stigmergy (Semantic Productions)
02. TÖT "Evicted" DIG V/A : EBM in France... We Are Still Stomping (Radio EBM Unidos Y Fuertes!)
03. FUNKER VOGT "God With Us" DCD: Element 115 (RepoRecords)
04. DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT "Neue Welt" CD: Nur Noch Einer (Grönland Records)
05. FULL CONTACT69 "Infected Cerebral Trigger (Album Version)" DIG LP: Infected Cerebral Trigger (Planet 69)
06. TRENTEMÖLLER "Dead Or Alive" DIG LP: Memoria (In My Room)
07. STAIRWAY MAZE "Conspiracy (feat. Michael Roeder > A SPELL INSIDE)" DIG LP: Decision Fatigue (ScentAir Records)
08. H/P "Behind" CD: Programma (BOREDOMproduct)
09. G.O.L.E.M. "We Had A Man On The Moon" DIG LP: No Fate (Autoproduction)
10. DEAR DEER "Plaster" CD: Collect And Reject (Manic Depression)
11. FATHERLESS CHILD "Pulsations" DIG LP: Exasperating Situation (Autoproduction)
12. DARK MINIMAL PROJECT "The End Of The Day" CD: Cold Black Room (Autoproduction)
13. PARADOX OBSCUR "Wild Silk" DIG LP: Morphogenesis (Metropolis Records)
14. COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER "Algorithm" DIG LP: The Scientific Method (Ant-Zen)
15. VOX LOW "What If The Symbols Fall Down" VINYL LP: Vox Low (Born Bad Records)
16. VENOM VAMPIRES "Super Science & Sorcery" DIG LP: Luxury In Deceit (Detriti Records)
17. BLAC KOLOR "When I See" DIG LP: Times Of Upheaval (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
18. STEPHEN MALLINDER "Contact" DIG LP: Tick Tick Tick ... (DAIS Records)
19. MONSTERGOD "In My Dream" CD: Ozymandias (Space Race Records)
20. DEKAD "Your Love Is Like A Fever" CD: Nowhere Lines (BOREDOMproduct)
21. WÜLF7 "I Don't Want (Anymore)" DIG EP: I Don't Want ...Anymore (Autoproduction)
22. THE SOFT MOON "Become The Lies" DIG LP: Exister (Sacred Bones Records)
23. BUZZ KULL "Dancing With Machines" DIG LP: Fascination (Avant!)
24. THE RORSCHACH GARDEN "Pour Le Progès Et Pour Le Futur" DIG LP: Stealth Black (Ant-Zen)
25. PORTION CONTROL "Chrome Teeth" CD: Dissolve Plus (VUZ Records)
26. ELM "Rejuvenation" TCD: Penetrator (Alfa Matrix)
27. SHINY DARKNESS "Highs And Lows" BOX CD: Highlights (Autoproduction)
28. CURSE MACKEY "Mutatis Mutandis" DIG LP: Immoral Emporium (Negative Gain Productions)
29. TWICE A MAN "Speed" DIG LP: Songs of Future Memories - 1982-2022 (Dependent)
30. FIRST AID 4 SOULS "Fire Without Flame" DIG LP: I Am The Night (Alfa Matrix)
PROMO THANKS TO : AMORPHOUS (Gil O. Santos), RADIO EBM UNIDOS Y FUERTES, REPORECORDS (Kai Schmidt), HFN MUSIC (), S.E.N. PROMOTIONS (Philipp Bruening), SCENTAIR RECORDS (Vladimir), BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), DEAR DEER (Federico Iovino & Claudine Sabatel), FATHERLESS CHILD (Nicolas Lannoy), DARK MINIMAL PROJECT (Guillaume Van De Rosieren & Ange Vesper), PARADOX OBSCUR (Toxic Razor), RED SAND PR (Gary Levermore), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), MODULOR PR (Sébastien Kervella), EK PRODUCT (Amedeo Marchese), DEKAD (JB Lacassagne), WÜLF7 (Cyr VII & Seb LoupBlond), AVANT! RECORDS (Andrea), VUZ RECORDS (Holger Hanraths), PORTION CONTROL (Dean Piavani), ELM (Peter Elm), SHINY DARKNESS (Sébastien Déruwez), DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), SPKR MEDIA (Gunnar Sauermann), 


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