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20 janvier 2023 - 162 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES (Radio broadcast)
Playlist N° 1270 - Lundi 02.01.2023 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00 
[ S&SR Selection... NON STOP MUSIC ]
01. NER.OGRIS "Down" DIG LP: I Am The Shadow - I Am The Light (Dependent)
02. DEPECHE MODE "Stripped (Novaspirit Remix)" DCD: Best Of Dominatrix (Akuma Records)
03. LA MACHINE "F.F.P.2 (edit)" MCD: La Machine Qui Ne Sert à Rien (BOREDOMproduct)
04. KNIGHT$ "Hit That Perfect Beat (Mix by RetroTeque)" DIG SGL: Hit That Perfect Beat [BRONSKI BEAT cover](Specchio Uomo / MM Promo)
05. NATURES OF WIRES vs. J:DEAD "Thrive" DIG SGL: Thrive (Infacted Recordings)
06. KURT UENELA & DAVE GAHAN "Longing" DIG EP: Manuscript (HFN Music)
07. SEXUAL PURITY "Affection" DIG LP: Beautiful Scar Of Society (Autoproduction)
08. NOMENKLATÜR "Satori" DIG EP: When The Wind Blows (Clivage Music)
09. DPPLGNGRS "Music Boxx (Version)" Black Market Heart Surgery - 10th Anniversary Edition (Hottwerk Records)
10. PSY'AVIAH "My Secrets feat. Marieke Lightband (ENTRZELLE 12" Remix) DIG EP: My Secrets (Alfa Matrix)
11. WEIRD WOLVES "Snake Soul" DIG SGL: Snake Soul (Out Of Line)
12. DAMAGED CLOCK "Psicotoxic (Jørgen Thorvald Remix)" DIG EP: Shut Up (Nu Body Records)
13. YOKOCHO "A Place To Call Home (Tom Sharkett 5am Mix)" DIG EP: Hiraeth (Insult To Injury)
14. NEWBOY "Before" DIG EP: Newboy (DKA Records)
15. CURSE MACKEY "Lacerations" DIG EP: Lacerations (Negative Gain Productions)
16. SCHWEFELGELB "Einer Macht Den Twist (Öspiel remix)" DIG EP: Whirlpool-Gedanken (n-Plex)
17. ORANGE SECTOR "Der Totmacher (Ruined Conflict Remix)" DIG EP: Der Totmacher (Infacted Recordings)
18. SYGYZYX "Mother Of All (Pain)" DIG LP: (Im)mortal (Cold Transmission Music)
19. AH CAMA SOTZ "Dusha" DIG Album: Burning Souls. Brandende Zielen (Bats & Cats)
20.PUERTA NEGRA "Violencia"  DIG EP: Costo Humano (Detriti Records)
21. SUPREME COURT "Wrong Believe" DIG LP: Avid For Revenge (Infacted Recordings)
22. REIN & DJEDJOTRONIC "Automtation" DIG EP: Transmutation (Boysnoize Records)
23. PIG "Seed Of Evil (DIE KRUPPS Remix)" DIG LP: Drugged, Dangerous & Damned (Armalyte Industries)
24. SPANKTHENUN "Man In The Moon" DIG LP: The Bunker Tapes Vol II (Autoproduction)
25. ALESSANDRO NERO "Infected By Ideology" DIG LP: Infected by Ideology (X-IMG)
26. SILVER WALKS "Eyes Of Caligula (Caustic Remix)" DIG EP: Eyes On Caligula (Distortion Productions)
27. SOFT CRASH "Hologram Rose" DIG LP: Your Last Everything (Bite)
28. SIERRA "Trust" DIG EP: See Me Now (Autoproduction)
PROMO THANKS TO : DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), SPKR MEDIA (Gunnar Sauermann), AKUMA RECORDS (Steve Beaube), BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), SPECCIO UOMO / MM PROMO (James Knights), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), 
S.E.N. PROMOTIONS (Philipp Bruening), CITIZEN RECORDS / CLIVAGE MUSIC (Elise Nicolas & Tiphaine Cassin), HOTTWERK PR (Tony Pontius), PSY'AVIAH (Yves Schelpe), OUT OF LINE MUSIC (Iris), NU BODY RECORDS (Ethan Fawkes), RANSOM NOTE RECORDS (Aiden D'Araujo) ...


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