JOHNNY R.JANE le dimanche à 21h00

09 juillet 2021

Retrouvez JOHNNY R.JANE tous les dimanches  sur Galaxie Radio.


Johnny R. Jane is a French Techno DJ, who has felt into music from her first breath.
After starting as a guitar player and a singer, she discovered computer music and started to write electronic tracks within several bands. Some of her tracks have been played on some radio stations (Pure FM, Galaxy Radio, RCV Fm...). During that period, she performed in several venues in Belgium and France.
In 2018, she founded "La Lobos" in France and started organizing queer events. That's when she came back on stage as a techno DJ. She is also resident DJ of a free-minded and safe techno party, "DIRT", with a Berliner underground spirit. Since then, her sets have been characterized by surprising passages on a growing and sustained rhythm. In any case, it's always high impact operation.


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