RADIO S&SR Transmission n°1193 --- 12.10.2020 (Top Of The Week KALT « Politics Under Pressure» )

17 octobre 2020 - 439 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES(Radio Transmission)

Playlist n°1193... GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM - Lundi 12 Octobre 2020 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00




[ S&SR Selection de la semaine... KALT "Politics Under Pressure" (Kalt Records) ]


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01. KALT "37°" CD: Politics Under Pressure (Kalt Records)

02. PANKOW "There Is No Such Thing As Past Or Future" VINYL EP: Der Doctor Schnabel Von Rom (Contempo Records)

03. DIOVE "Take A Seat" DIG: ... (Autoproduction)

04. FRANZ KIRMANN "Mannequin (Edit)" DIG LP: First Broadcast (Bytes)

05. KLONAVENUS "Fast Radio Burst" CD:Motion:Less (Space Race Records)

06. TORUL ´Best Moments' DCD: Teniversia (Infacted Recordings)

07. 16 PAD NOISE TERRORIST ´42 Breakstreet' CD BOOK V/A: Relatives Schoensein Compilation (Ant-Zen / Adventurous Music)

08. MODEL DEPOSE "Yesterday's Gloom" CD: Damage Control (Autoproduction)

09. DARKNESS ON DEMAND "Last Salvation" CD: Detoxination (RepoRecords)

10. SUICIDE COMMANDO "Love breeds suicide (endzeit 2020)" DCD: Mindstrip Redux (Out Of Line)

11. KALT "Engaged" CD: Politics Under Pressure (Kalt Records)

12. PROJECT Ki11 ´Alpha 01' From the forthcoming production (Autoproduction)

13. PABLO BOZZI ´Efficient Accident' DIG EP†: Walk On Wire (Bite)

14. OFFERMOSE ´Stilhedens Tarn' DIG Album†: Stihledens Tarn (Third Coming Records)

15. SHINY DARKNESS "Isolation Room" DIG LP: Lighthouse Revamped Whole Album (Autoproduction)

16. CHOIR BOY "I Feel How the Snow Falls" CD: Passive With Desire (Dais Records)

17. BOYTRONIC "She Gave Me Money (Antoni Maiovvi Remix)" CD: The Robot Treatment (Remix Pack Piece Of...) (Wuff Records)

18. CAGOULE "Stardust" DIG Album: Effondrement de la Normalité (Hammerstein & Waldteufel)


PROMO THANKS TO : KALT(Arthur Stahl & Richard Delgado), PANKOW (Maurizio Fasolo), DIOVE (Eric Manchiniste), RANSOM NOTE RECORDS,EK PRODUCT (Amedeo), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), MODEL DEPOSE (Roeland Van Der Velde), REPORECORDS (Kai Schmidt), OUT OF LINE (Iris), PROJECT KI11 (Simeon Fitzpatrick), THIRD COMING RECORDS (Louis),SHINY DARKNESS (Sebastien DERUWEZ), HAMMERSTEIN & WALDTEUFEL (Achim Bloch)





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