RADIO S&SR Transmission n°1196 --- 16.11.2020 (Top Of The Week PUNX SOUNDCHECK "When Machines Ruled The World")

21 novembre 2020 - 741 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES†(Radio Transmission)
Playlist N∞ 1196... GALAXIE†RADIO 95.3FM
Lundi 16 Novembre 2020 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00
[ S&SR Selection de la semaine...
PUNX SOUNDCHECK "When Machines Ruled The World Part 1: Home" (Hottwerk Recordings) ]
< Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >
01. PUNX SOUNDCHECK "Monument" DIG LP: When Machines Ruled The World Part 1: Home (Hottwerk Recordings)
02. FRETT "Dreams" DIG LP: The World As A Hologram (Ant-Zen)
03. SPANKTHENUN "Lies And Hate (Psychosomatik Remix)" CD: The Bunker Tapes Vol I. (Autoproduction)
04. PSYCHOSOMATIK "The Madman (SPANKTHENUN Remix)" DIG TRACK... (Autoproduction)
05. EISFABRIK "And Nothing Turns (Extended)" CD: Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik (RepoRecords)
06. PANDORIA "Crush (Rob Dust Remix)" DIG EP: Crush (Infacted Recordings)
07. HOLON "Reduction Of Function" DIG LP: Experiments Against Reality (Subatomic Audio)
08. DEMON MACHINE "Lost Inside" DIG EP: World of Dust (HAXYN Records)
09. BOOKA SHADE "Polar Lights (Album Mix)" DIG EP: Polar Lights (Blaufield Music)
10. DAN TERMINUS "Disfigured" DIG LP: Last Call For All Passengers (Blood Music)
11. LUST-1 "Virus (covid 19 special) DIG EP: (HAXYN Records)
12. PUNX SOUNDCHECK "Metrosexuality" DIG LP: When Machines Ruled The World Part 1: Home (Hottwerk Recordings)
13. DEPECHE MODE "People Are People (Different Mix) CDM: People Are People (Mute)
14. NINE INCH NAILS "Heresy" CD: The Downward Spiral (Island Records / TVT Records)
15. DIVE "Death Machine" CD V/A: Electrostorm Vol. 9 (Out Of Line Music)
16. CROSSMODS "Exquise (from CAREBOT$)" DIG V/A: Various Objekts 5 (Bass Agenda Recordings)
17. MƒNGELEXEMPLAR "Gold" DIG V/A: Trans - Global Excess Vol 1 (Specchio Uomo)
18. FACTICE FACTORY "Wortschatz (Gabi Delgado RMX)" DIG V/A: Factice Factory Rework (Autoproduction)
19. SCARLET SOHO "Wire Me Up (Demo)" DCD: Programmed To Perfection - Best Of & Rareties (Scentair)
20. ASHBURY HEIGHTS "Spectres From the Black Moss" DIG SINGLE: ... (Out Of Line Music)
21. FROZEN PLASMA "Gef¸hlsmaschine" CD: Gezeiten (Infacted Recordings)
22. N÷ "Likkle Man Run" EP VYNIL 7": Kompost (Circonstances A.)
PROMO THANKS TO : HOTTWERK MEDIA PR. (Tony Pontius), PUNX SOUNDCHECK (John Taylor), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), SPANKTHENUN (Eric Hanes), PSYCHOSOMATIK (Michael Roussel), REPORECORS (Kai Schmidt), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), HOLON (Mark Rydyger), HAXYN RECORDS (Masha TZKTLPK), HIM MEDIA (Charles Provost & Elodie), SPECCIO UOMO / SCARLET SOHO (James Knights), OUT OF LINE (Iris) ...

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